I had so much fun going to the Philippines for the first time! My sister-in-law (Mae) is from the Philippines so I went there to meet her family and see her hometown.  She grew up a 4 hour drive from Manila.  It was a 21 hour plane ride from NYC, plus a 4 hour car ride.  So I was tired but excited when I finally got there!

Mae's family was so nice to me and got me a flan cake that said "Welcome to the Philippines Kahri".  We went to a local hotel with a pool and had a pool party.  

The next few days were spent doing a lot of driving to and from places. The traffic was super busy, so it took forever.  It was fun going to the non touristy parts of the Philippines.  There aren't too many (or any) people like me (white American girl) there.  

My favorite part of my trip was going to Hundred Islands.  You get on a small boat and the guide drops you off at several tiny natural islands. We swam a lot and rode on a banana boat.  We even hiked up to see the Christ the Savior Statue.  It is so hot in the Philippines, so hiking in that weather made me so thirsty.  I drank at least a gallon of water in 1 minute afterwards. 

I took Little Karl Doll on my Philippines adventure too. I hope we can come back to the Philippines soon!


January 07, 2023 by KahriAnne Kerr
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