New KAHRI Neoprene Cosmetic Bags!

New KAHRI Neoprene Cosmetic Bags in Large and Small sizes with original artwork by KahriAnne KErr of Pink Lips and Cool Cats.  The print features silver metallic ink and the zipper pulls are cute enamel cats and lips!  Purrfect to stash your makeup on the go!  

October 25, 2018 by KahriAnne Kerr

New KAHRI Glitter Vinyl Cosmetic Bags!

New KAHRI Glitter Vinyl Cosmetic Bags available now in Large and Small styles.  Featuring original watercolor prints by KahriAnne Kerr of Lips, Lipstick and Gelato.  So sparkly and perfect to stash your makeup where you can see it!  Also super easy to clean.

Other Glitter Vinyl Accessories also available including Flamingo Print Crossbody Bag, Palm Tree Print Tote, Gelato Print Clutch and Cosmetic Bag Sets!

October 25, 2018 by KahriAnne Kerr

New KAHRI Saffiano Cosmetic Bags!

New KAHRI Saffiano Cosmetic Bags available now!  Featuring original artwork designs by KahriAnne Kerr digitally printed on each bag.  These bags are completely vegan and have light gold hardware including cool stud detals on the zipper pulls.  There are a range of sizes available to store all your makeup and brushes.  Keep them at home on your vanity, stash one in your bag on the go, and pack them up for a trip!


October 25, 2018 by KahriAnne Kerr