Little Rosie the Riveter Doll


Original watercolor painting illustration artwork by KahriAnne Kerr of Rosie the Riveter printed on Linen/Cotton Canvas with solid black linen back and filled with poly fiber fill to create a cute little fashion doll.  11" H

 Printed with eco-friendly inks in the USA.  Made with love in NYC.

Little Rosie the Riveter doll is a handmade, collectible doll that is inspired by the iconic cultural icon of the same name. Rosie the Riveter was a symbol of the feminist movement during World War II, representing the millions of women who entered the workforce to support the war effort.

The doll features a soft body made of high-quality fabric and the illustration is dressed in a denim shirt, red bandana, and overalls. The doll's outfit is reminiscent of the clothing worn by women who worked in factories and other industrial settings during the war.

A Rosie the Riveter doll is a unique and empowering collectible that celebrates the contributions of women to the workforce and society as a whole. It is a great gift for feminists, history buffs, and collectors alike. 

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