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Cake Pillow


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Digitally printed original artwork by KahriAnne Kerr of a Cake with "Let them eat cake" quote on cotton/linen fabric.  Solid black linen back. Size 12" H x 14.25 "W. Poly Fill inside.

Printed with eco-friendly inks in the USA.
Made with love in NYC

The Cake Pillow is a decorative pillow that is designed to look like a decadent and luxurious cake inspired by the famous French queen Marie Antoinette. It is a whimsical and playful accessory that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to any room in the house.

The pillow is made of high-quality fabric and features a colorful and detailed design that resembles a beautifully decorated cake. The design includes intricate details, such as delicate frosting, edible pearls, and decorative flowers, all of which are inspired by the opulent and extravagant desserts that were popular in Marie Antoinette's time.

The pillow itself is soft and plush, with a comfortable filling that makes it perfect for snuggling up with on a couch or bed. 

Overall, the Cake Pillow is a fun and whimsical addition to any home decor collection, and makes a great gift for those who appreciate unique and playful design.