My Italian Birthday Adventure!

I've been wanting to go to Italy for a long time, so I finally made it happen this year for my birthday!  I went to Rome, Florence, and Venice.  I ate so much pizza, pasta, and gelato!  It was a great birthday trip, except when I was robbed in Rome!  Yep, I was sitting in front of the Colosseum and someone snuck behind me and took my purse (which included my passport).  So through lots of tears, I had to spend hours waiting in front of the police station and on the phone to fix that problem.  I had no money and I had to go to the US Embassy to get an emergency passport.  Such a hassle, but luckily I wasn't alone, so I had help with everything. 

Anyways, here are some highlights of my trip!

First stop was Rome and the Colosseum!  It was cool and super old (obviously).  Little Donatella Doll liked it too.

Then I went to the Vatican Museum and saw the Sistine Chapel.  My favorite thing I saw in Italy was the Vatican Museum.  It is INCREDIBLE!  The amount of detail and artistry especially in the ceilings is amazing!  Little Da Vinci doll was impressed too. Unfortunately a lot of my photos weren't uploaded to the cloud before my phone was stolen.

After a delay due to having to get an emergency passport and changing trains, I finally made it to Florence!  I got to see the statue of David, which is pretty cool.  I obviously had to bring Little David Doll to meet Big David.  

On my actual birthday I went to the Uffizi Gallery and took Little Venus Doll to see The Birth of Venus.  It was a nice museum.  I think Florence was my favorite city.  It's easy to get around and super pretty.  The Duomo is spectacular!  The outside is so intricate and beautiful.

Next stop was Venice.  I took a limo boat at night around the canals.  Then had a post birthday dinner with gondola gelato banana split.  Gelato is so good, I'm obsessed.  

Venice is a beautiful maze.  I definitely got lost, especially since my phone was stolen so I didn't have gps.  I saw all the sights and enjoyed the nice weather. Then took a boat to the airport and came back to NYC to sort out all my problems related to getting robbed.  That part was not fun, but Italy was still great and definitely very memorable!  Ciao Bella!

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October 25, 2018 by KahriAnne Kerr