Badass Heart Pillow


The Badass Heart Pillow by KAHRI is a unique and edgy home decor item that combines the classic symbol of love with a bold and rebellious attitude. The pillow features a heart shape, which is a timeless symbol of affection, but the design takes it to the next level with a bold and graphic style.

The pillow is made from high-quality materials, with a soft and comfortable filling that makes it perfect for lounging on the couch or relaxing in bed. Digitally printed original artwork by KahriAnne Kerr on cotton/linen fabric. Solid black linen back. Size 14" H x 14" W. Poly Fill inside. Printed with eco-friendly inks in the USA. Made with love in NYC.

Overall, the Badass Heart Pillow by KAHRI is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a touch of edginess and attitude to their home decor. Its unique design and high-quality construction make it a standout piece that will be admired by all who see it.